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How to choose correct frame extension length for Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper or Peugeot Boxer motorhome?

How to choose correct frame extension length for Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper or Peugeot Boxer motorhome?

Did you hear about frame extension while looking for a towbar to your motorhome based on Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper or Peugeot Boxer and you are not sure what does it mean? Or maybe you don't know how to check what length of frame extension you need? Below we have explained the most common topics about motorhome frame extensions.

What is the frame extension and why do I need it?

Frame extension is a necessary additional substructure for all C-Class and A-Class motorhome drivers that fulfils very important functions. Most of campers on the road already have a chassis extension mounted under the vehicle and most of users drive without even knowing about it. Questions will come up when trying to buy a towbar or rear carrier for the motorhome. Even If you already have chassis extension under vehicle, it may not be enough for your needs.

There are number of functions that the frame extension can perform, such as:

  • Support for rear garage and camper body
  • Provide a base for attaching a towbar
  • Allow bike carriers, motorbike racks to be fitted directly to the frame
What functions frame extension may perform

How do I know if my motorhome have a chassis extension?

To check that, all you need to do is look under the vehicle. In the most common motorhomes you will clearly see if the chassis rails come close to the end of car (2) or not (1). If your vehicle has got extensive underbody and you are not sure, just take some photos and send them to us. Our specialist team will help you check.

How to check if my frame extension is load bearing?

Why do I need frame extension?

Chassis extension is necessary if you want to add a towbar or rear carrier to your camper.

Are you looking for a towbar to your motorhome? If so, you need to check whether your vehicle is prepared to assembly the trailer hitch. To do this, you must answer the following questions:

  1. Does my RV have a load bearing frame extension?
  2. Is the chassis extension strong enough (load bearing) to support a towbar?

If both answers are “yes”, then you don’t need to worry and you can simply order a universal variable towbar for your motorhome without worrying about frame extension. However if either answer is “no”, then you will need an additional chassis extension for your vehicle to provide a reliable connection between RV chassis and towing hitch.

How can I tell if my chassis extension is load bearing and suitable for towing?

If you don’t have a frame extension, the situation is usually straightforward and you can simply fit a new load-bearing chassis extension to the end of original frame in your car. However if you already have a frame extension that is not strong enough, you may need to replace the entire construction or, if possible, add a new extension in addition without removing existing one.

You can read more about frame extensions and identifying load-bearing structures on our blog.

Which length of frame extension should I choose for Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer?

Choosing a chassis extension for motorhome is not difficult with our tutorial even for amatours. There are many important things you need to consider when buying a frame extension:

  • Motorhome basis vehicle model and year of manufacture
  • Type of chassis – standard, low frame, AL-KO, Fiat “CCS” (Camping-car special)
  • Length of frame extension
  • Color

The problem can arise when choosing the length of chassis extension, however It is not as hard as expected. In reference to the most popular motorhome vehicle, which is of course the Fiat Ducato (similar to Citroen Jumper and Peugeot Boxer) there are 2 ways to find needed frame extension length:

  1. Measure distance from the end of original vehicle chassis to end of bumper
  2. Measure distance from the rear axle to end of bumper
Matching frame extension length by measuring vehicle

Then compare the dimensions with the table below:

L1 (mm) L2 (mm) Frame extension length
0 - 280 880 - 1160 Adapter
281 - 650 1161 - 1530 750 mm
651 - 1100 1531 - 1950 1200 mm
1101 - 1300 1951 - 2180 1400 mm
1301 - 1400 2181 - 2280 1500 mm
1401 - 1500 2281 - 2380 1600 mm
1501 - 1600 2381 - 2480 1700 mm
1601 - 1900 2481 - 2780 2000 mm

You can easily order longer frame extension and shorten it to suit your needs without any problems.

The above table can be used to choose frame extension for the following vehicles with “CCS” chassis and standard frame:

  • Fiat Ducato Type X250, X290-X295 – all models from 2006
  • Citroen Jumper Type X250, X290-X295 – all models from 2006
  • Peugeot Boxer Type X250, X290-X295 – all models from 2006

Which frame extensions are available at X-CAMPING?

After considering all the factors, now you should be able to find the right frame extension. Our chassis extensions are manufactured by SMV-Metall, Umbra Rimorchi, XIMPLIO, LEMET and all of them are load-bearing, so you can use them to mount a towbar, motorbike carrier, rear rack and much more.

Its construction consists of 4 parts:

  • Vehicle specific chassis adapters that work as a connection between frame extension and original chassis (1)
  • Longitudinal “C” profiles used as extenders which are available in a number of different lengths (2)
  • Crossbar, usually used as a towbar (3)
  • V-shaped reinforcements bars mounted between chassis extension and crossbar (optional - depending on the length of extension) (4)
Parts that frame extension is made of

On X-CAMPING frame extensions are also available in two colours: galvanised and black (powder coated) and in few lengths (from just a few centimetres up to 2 metres), so there is something for everyone.

If you have any problems, something is unclear or you are not sure how to start, please contact with us. Our professional team is waiting for your message to provide reliable support in choosing frame extension to your motorhome.

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