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Bike carrier from FABBRI - products, experience, advisor

Bike carrier from FABBRI - products, experience, advisor

For many motorhome owners, bicycle tours are simply part of the camping vacation. To transport the bikes safely and comfortably, you need a bike carrier. The company FABBRI offers a wide range of rear bike racks for motorhomes. In this article, we will introduce you to the aluminum rear bike racks from FABBRI and give you tips on what to look for when buying a bike rack for your motorhome.

Heckträger für Heckklappe und Anhängerkupplung für PKW, Bus und Wohnmobile

FABBRI - A company with experience

The Italian manufacturer FABBRI has been active in the bike rack industry since 1960 and specializes in the production of rear bike racks. The many years of experience and the high quality awareness are reflected in the products of FABBRI. All bike racks are made of sturdy and durable aluminum and are designed to transport up to four bikes. FABBRI offers rear bike racks for all popular motorhomes.

FABBRI rear bike carriers - safe and practical

FABBRI rear bike carriers are particularly safe and easy to use. The bikes are loaded onto the bike carrier and fixed in place by special tension straps. By mounting on the rear wall or tailgate of the motorhome, the space in the interior is not restricted and the weight is distributed on the rear axle. So you can transport the bikes comfortably and safely.

Rear bike carrier for e-bikes

Most rear bike carriers from FABBRI are also suitable for transporting e-bikes. The carriers are designed for a weight of up to 60 kilograms, which is perfectly sufficient for transporting e-bikes. When buying, make sure that the bike carrier is suitable for the size and weight of your e-bikes.

What should you look for when buying a bike carrier for your motorhome?

Before you buy a bike carrier for your motorhome, you should think about what requirements the carrier must meet. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right bike rack:

  • Space requirements: Consider how many bikes you want to carry and how much space is available on your RV.
  • Weight: Make sure the bike rack is suitable for the weight of your bikes. Especially for e-bikes, make sure it has a high carrying capacity.
  • Attachment: There are bike racks that attach to the rear wall or tailgate. Others are attached to the towbar. Consider which type of attachment is best for your motorhome.
  • Foldability: a folding bike rack offers several advantages over a non-folding bike rack. Here are some of the most important advantages:
    • Space-saving: the foldability of the bike rack makes it easier to store and transport. When not in use, the carrier can be easily folded and stored in a corner of the garage or trunk.
    • Easier installation: since folding bike racks are generally easier to handle than non-folding models, they are also easier to install. This can save time and effort, especially if you need to mount and dismount the carrier frequently.
    • Durability: folding bike racks are usually better protected than non-folding models because they are not subjected to as much stress during transport or storage. This can increase the life of the carrier.

Bike carrier for Ducato, Boxer, Sprinter, Viano, Crafter.

No matter which motorhome you drive, you will find the right bike carrier at FABBRI. In the portfolio of the Italian manufacturer you will find both universal and vehicle-specific bike racks. With around 20 models and types of bike racks, you will find the right product for your Ducato, Boxer, Sprinter, Viano, Crafter and all other motorhomes and caravans.


In summary, FABBRI offers a wide range of high-quality and durable aluminum rear bike racks for motorhomes, cars, and buses. The carriers are easy to handle, provide secure transport for up to four bikes and are also suitable for transporting e-bikes. When buying, you should pay attention to the space requirements, weight, mounting method and foldability of the bike carrier. A foldable bike carrier offers many advantages and can be easily stowed. With a bike rack from FABBRI you can transport your bikes safely and comfortably on your next camping trip.

Discover now the products of FABBRI.

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