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Frame Extension for Motorhomes

Frame extension for motorhome

Welcome to X-CAMPING, your specialist in towbars and towbar accessories for campers and vans. If you want to extend the transport possibilities of your motorhome, there is no way around a towbar.

Retrofitting a towbar to a motorhome is often more complicated than expected, especially on chassis-based vehicles such as coachbuilt design or class A motorhomes. With these types of motorhomes, the living area is considerably longer than the base vehicle. A load-bearing frame extension is required to support the long overhang. For motorhomes where the overhang is only used for living space or a rear garage, a conventional, non-load-bearing frame extension is sufficient.

In many cases, the factory frame extension is not sufficient when it comes to fitting a towbar. An additional strong frame extension is required to provide the necessary strength and safety.

Load-bearing frame extension for motorhome towbars

Our load-bearing frame extension provides a strong base for attaching additional equipment such as tow bars, supports and rear carriers (bicycle, scooter, etc.) to your motorhome. It consists of four main elements:

  • Vehicle-specific frame adapters suitable for specific models such as Fiat Ducato I generation, II, III and special chassis variants such as Fiat Camping Car Special "CCS" (also called flat floor, low frame or half ladder frame).
  • Extensions that vary according to the overhang length or can be adapted to the specific overhang length.
  • Additional reinforcement and fixing materials for secure installation.
  • A crossbar connecting the two extensions.

If you want to fit a tow bar, the towbar main bar replaces the cross bar and transforms the entire structure into a load-bearing tow bar for your motorhome.

Our range includes frame extensions in a variety of designs for different vehicle models, including:

  • Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper (Euro Chassis) Third generation
  • Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper (Euro Chassis) Second generation Normal and low frame chassis
  • Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper (Euro Chassis) First generation
  • Ford Transit Type FT150 second generation (short and long wheelbase) up to 2000 and from 2000 Type FT350 third generation
  • Ford Transit flat low frame up to 2013 and from 2014
  • Renault Master X70 1998 – 2010 second generation, Renault Master X62 Normal and low frame chassis from 2010 third generation
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/ VW-LT (up to 2006) version 3T and 4T
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NCV/ VW Crafter (since 2007) version 3T and 4T
  • Iveco Daily
  • Alko-Chassis with or without load-bearing frame extension, with or without frame lowering
  • Alko-Chassis without load bearing frame extension as an extension to an existing frame

Discover the right frame extension for your motorhome and expand your transport options in a safe and reliable way!

Length of overhang and frame extension

At X-CAMPING we offer two methods to determine the correct length of extensions for your frame extension:

  1. Measure from the rear axle to the end of the overhang (X1).
  2. Measure from the end of the frame of the base vehicle to the end of the overhang (X2).

Please note that the exact length of the extensions cannot be determined directly. In practice, it is often best to shorten the frame extension slightly to achieve the desired overall length of the fixture.

Whichever method you choose, at X-CAMPING you will find the right frame extension, tow bar and electric kit. Our equipment is constructed in such a way that even do-it-yourselfers with a bit of DIY experience can install it themselves without too much effort.

Which motorhome manufacturer

Despite what many people think, the motorhome manufacturer plays a secondary role in the choice of frame extension. For more than 100 motorhome manufacturers in Europe, the towbar and frame extension are selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Generation or type e.g. 280, 290, 230, 244, 250, first generation, second, third
  2. Chassis type: Normal, Fiat low frame or flat frame (Fiat Camping Car Sepcial „CCS“), ALKO,
  3. Length of the overhang

The manufacturer and model names are also used to determine the length of the overhang. Therefore, we can say with great certainty that at X-CAMPING you will find a towbar for almost every motorhome, whether for: Adria, AHORN, CAM, Alfa, Arca, Bavaria-Camp, Bawemo, Benimar, Bela, Bimobil, Blu Camp, Bravia, Burow, Bürstner, Campérêve, Campstar, Campster, Capron, Carado, Carthago, Challenger, Chausson, Chrysler, Ci, Clever vans, Coachmen, Concorde, Cristal, Crosscamp, CS Reisemobile, Dethleffs, DOMO, Dopfer, Dreamer, Due Erre, Eifelland, Elnagh, Esterel, Etrusco, Eura Mobil, Euro Liner, EVM, FFB – Tabbert, Fischer, Fleurette, Fleetwood, Florium, Font Vendome, Forster, Frankia, FR-Mobil, Giottiline, Globecar, Globe-Traveller, Glücksmobil, Granduca , Hehn, Heku, Hobby, HRZ, HYMER, HYMERCAR, Ilusion, Itineo, Joa Camp, Joint, Kabe, Karmann, Knaus, La Marca, La Strada, Laika, Le Voyageur, LMC, Malibu, McLouis, MegaMbil, Miller, Mirage, Mobil, Mobilvetta, Moncayo, Mooveo , Morelo, Niesmann+Bischoff, NobelART, Notin, Orangecamp, Panama, PhoeniX, Pilote, PLA, Polar , Pössl, Pössl Group, Randger, RapdiHome, Rapido, Reimo, Rimor, Riviera, RMB, Road Car, Roadtrek, Robel-Mobil, Robeta, RollerTeam, SEA, Selbstbau, Seitz, Stylevan, Sunlight, SunLiving, Sylt-Camper, Tabbert, T.E.C., Tischer, Tourne, Triple E, VANLINE, Vanstar, Vanster, Vantourer, Vario, WEINSBERG,  Westfalia, Wingamm , Winnebago, WildAx MotorHomes, Woelcke, XGO, etc…

Need help choosing the right frame extension? No problem

At X-CAMPING we offer a wide range of frame extensions and tow bars for your motorhome.

You can also search for a suitable frame extension by switching to the main 'Motorhome towbars' category and refining your search by vehicle base or motorhome manufacturer.

If you still cannot find a suitable solution, we are here to help. Our expert team can help you choose the right towbar and frame extension. Simply contact us via WhatsApp, our contact form or email and we will be happy to help.

Convince yourself of the quality and versatility of our products and make your next camping trip even more enjoyable. At X-CAMPING you will find a complete range of towbars for your motorhome. Start shopping now and let our excellent service convince you. We look forward to providing you with the best solutions for your needs and giving you an unforgettable camping experience.

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