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Towbars for the motorhome

Towbars for the motorhome

Installing Trailer hitches for motorhome - this is how it works

Traveling by motorhome is an affordable alternative for an active vacation in nature or in the city. Although a motorhome offers plenty of space for your luggage, it is often not enough and the storage space becomes too small. A trailer hitch on a motorhome expands the transport possibilities enormously. No matter what kind of motorhome you have (campervan, alcove, semi-integrated, fully integrated or liner) and on which base vehicle, here you will find a suitable trailer hitch including electrical kit to your motorhome.

In this category you will find individual towbars without electrical kits but also complete sets trailer hitch incl. E-kit and the electrical kits separately.

In the assortment you will find various trailer hitches with different functions and different designs, e.g. trailer hitches with swanneck towball or with a trailer bracket with a fixed flange (bolted with two M16 or with four M12 or M10 bolts).

In addition to the fixed version, there are also removable towbars with a flange towball or with a swanneck. The ball disassembly for the flange ball is realized with a Westfalia changing plates. The removable system of the swanneck variant comes from the company ACS-Systems, which belongs to the Brink Group.  The swanneck hook is removable and has anti-theft protection.

Harnesses for trailer hitches available in this category are both vehicle-specific and universal; available in both 7-pin and 13-pin versions.

From the car brands shown below, select the appropriate base vehicle (Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato) to enter the subcategory with home bodies.

If you have any questions about trailer hitch or electrical kit, visit our FAQ section, read articles on the or

Install frame extension for motorhomes

A towbar on motorhomes is a useful extension that gives a discerning camper more transport options, whether for trailers, bike racks, motorcycle carriers, a transport box or the like.

But when choosing a suitable carrier system for trailer hitch must be considered a few things. Generally, it is about the base vehicle and its frame. In the case of motorhomes that are built on the basis of a bus (camper van), the search is less complicated. For motorhomes with living cabins (partially integrated, fully integrated, alcove or liner), drop-off cabins or other living superstructures, finding a suitable kit is much more complicated.

In such cases, the vehicle frame must be checked to see if the chassis is load-bearing. In the case of a vehicle without a load-bearing frame, a reinforced carrier system for the trailer device is required. Such carrier systems also colloquially called frame extension provide a solid base for a trailer hitch.

In our store you will find complete devices for do-it-yourself installation of all possible variants of motorhomes, whether for the removed van or chassis with or without load-bearing frame extension.


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