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Skid wheels for camper with long overhang

Skid wheels for camper with long overhang

Damage protection for motorhome with frame extension - Caster wheels

Not only motorhomes, but also vehicles with a long overhang are susceptible to the unpleasant problem of bouncing. This is particularly noticeable on ferries, steep driveways and when camping in the wilds.

The ground clearance at the end of a vehicle with a long overhang is often insufficient to handle steep angles without the risk of the rear end hitting the ground. This can cause significant and costly damage to the vehicle, with a damaged rear skirt being the least of the problems. Pipes, exhaust systems, complete bumpers, chassis parts and even the structure of the caravan are commonly damaged.

It is difficult to guarantee 100% protection. However, there are ways to prevent this problem.

Skid wheels for camper

Touchdown protection with anti-skid wheels or bumpers

The problem of touchdown can be effectively solved with a touchdown protection. Numerous manufacturers offer such solutions, including:

  • Memo Europe,
  • Sawiko,
  • And others.

Accesories for protecion of camper's back

These are usually special caster rollers or bumpers that offer various advantages.

Mounted at the end of the vehicle's frame or on the towbar, skid wheels cushion the impact by gently rolling over the ground. Particularly on motorhomes with long overhangs, these rollers prevent the vehicle frame from touching the ground, thus protecting it from damage.

Another type of impact protection is special bumpers, which usually do not require castors. Their function is simple: to make initial contact with the ground to absorb impact energy.

Air suspension for camper

Rear lift with additional suspension

For lowered vehicles or those with a long overhang, an additional suspension for the rear axle is an elegant solution. This additional suspension, often in the form of air suspension, is fitted between the rear axle and the vehicle frame. With this auxiliary lift kit, you can raise the rear of your vehicle in a matter of seconds to easily negotiate steep inclines on ferry ramps, hilltops, or bridges.

At X-CAMPING you will find various options to equip your motorhome with effective touchdown protection, be it air suspension, bumpers or drain rollers.

Motorhome without air lift kit

Skid wheels as great and price effective rear protection

The use of rear caster wheels as a skid plate is an inexpensive and easy retrofit solution but requires a sturdy frame extension or towbar. This effectively prevents damage to your vehicle and means you are well-equipped for your adventures on the road.

Are you more interested in Skid rollers? At X-CAMPING you will find the right castors, air suspension systems and other accessories to protect your motorhome from damage.

Example of damaged bumper

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