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Air Suspension for Motorhomes

Air Suspension for Motorhomes

Unrestricted driving comfort, optimized steering behavior, stability, and safety in side winds.

Additional air suspensions are used wherever vehicles such as motorhomes or other transporters must transport their cargo safely and comfortably. To ensure this safety, optimal balance of the axles, gentle steering behavior, and stability are crucial. With additional air springs on your motorhome, different loading conditions on the axles can be easily and quickly compensated for, providing you with optimal driving comfort.

Air suspension for motorhomes - basic knowledge

What does an additional air suspension do for a motorhome?

A motorhome is never loaded equally on both axles or sides. This uneven loading affects not only the driving comfort and safety of your motorhome but also the longevity of your vehicle. With an additional air suspension, uneven loading on your motorhome can be easily and quickly balanced by raising the rear level using air suspension.

Unforeseen forces - durable original springs

The forces that act on the rear suspension of a motorhome are enormous. Strong overhangs and other factors significantly influence the lifespan of the original suspension. An additional air spring can effectively support and relieve the existing suspension - i.e., the steel springs. The result is an overall softer driving behavior due to the air springs. It is true that air suspensions are a real gain in driving comfort.

Optimized steering - safe driving feeling with air suspension

Additional air suspension optimizes the steering behavior of your motorhome and increases stability in side winds. With additional air suspension, the load masses have only minimal effects on the driving safety of your motorhome in curves or strong side winds. Especially rear-heavy motorhomes, vehicles with long wheelbases, or motorhomes with a large overhang benefit greatly from air suspension.

Air suspension for motorhomes and transporters - keeps the vehicle in balance

The load compensation at the rear also balances the different load change behavior, which leads to an improvement in driving behavior for motorhomes with additional air suspension. The additional air spring system improves the driving dynamics of your motorhome and relieves the original springs. Therefore, the installation of additional air springs is one of the most important retrofits for motorhomes without changes to the chassis. Additional air spring systems not only provide improved driving behavior or comfort but also allow you to add more weight to the rear of your motorhome. By installing the additional air suspension in a vehicle with a Euro chassis, such as Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, and Citroen Jumper, the maximum load on the axle can be increased. With front-wheel-drive vehicles, additional air suspension improves traction on the front axle and also provides more safety and comfort. Air suspensions provide more balance while driving and satisfied owners.

Air suspension for motorhomes - easy retrofit without changes to the chassis

The air springs of an additional air suspension are mounted between the original spring and the vehicle frame on the rear axle in the chassis. This allows the air spring to support the standard steel spring in the chassis in its spring action and gently introduce the spring forces into the vehicle frame.


With the help of the custom-fit brackets, the air suspension can be easily and safely installed. Double bellows, conical bellows, or rolling bellows are used as spring elements for different types of vehicles. Additional installations are not necessary - the ideal solution.

The additional air springs are supplied as a complete system with all necessary components, which greatly facilitates installation. All mounting parts, brackets, and air lines are included, so no additional material is required. When installing on the vehicle, no changes to the chassis are necessary since the design of the air springs allows the use of factory holes. To eliminate installation errors, it is recommended to have the installation carried out by a specialist workshop.

Air suspension motorhome - foolproof operation

Air suspension for motorhomes and transporters - keeps the vehicle in balance

Even while driving, you can conveniently control the air suspension compressor via the air suspension control element in the cockpit. This makes it very easy to raise or lower the rear of the motorhome thanks to the air suspension. The system is very easy to operate: the air bellows of the rear axle can be filled synchronously at the touch of a button (1-circuit system). This raises the rear of the vehicle without distortion. If the motorhome hangs to one side after the air bellows have been filled due to its design or load, the side that is too high (2-circuit system) can be lowered easily at the touch of a button. This ensures one-handed operation at all times.

Auxiliary air suspension for motorhomes - differences

The variety of control options for an air suspension depends on whether you have a 1-circuit system or a 2-circuit system. Of course, the more individual air suspension elements you use, the greater the flexibility of controlling the air suspension. Basically, air suspension systems have few components, which makes the costs manageable in relation to benefits and comfort.

A 1-circuit air suspension system has fewer control elements than a 2-circuit air suspension system. A simple air suspension system consists of two air bellows, an air line and a control with an indicating instrument (pressure gauge). Depending on the type of system, an air suspension has either one pressure gauge (1-circuit system) or two pressure gauges (2-circuit system), which indicate the air pressure in the cab. In addition, an auxiliary air suspension system may have a compressor.

The more controllable elements there are, the more the driving comfort increases, as different axle loads can be compensated for more selectively.

1 - Circuit - System

One speaks of a 1-circuit system when both auxiliary spring bellows on the rear axle are connected to each other. Both bellows then work with the same pressure and cannot be controlled separately. This means: The air bellows are located on both sides of the rear axle on the existing suspensions of your motorhome.

If you now operate the air suspension control installed next to your steering wheel, the air bellows on both sides of the air suspension are filled with air synchronously and with the same air pressure, if necessary by means of a compressor. The level of the rear axle of your motorhome is raised equally on both sides.

A compressor is not necessary with a 1-circuit system, as the air bellows can also be filled manually by operating the control valve. A 1-circuit system is particularly recommended if the rear of your motorhome is heavily loaded and therefore has overhang. This can be easily compensated for with an additional air suspension.

1-circuit air suspension system

2 - Circle - System

We speak of a 2-circuit system if the auxiliary air suspension has two separate lines that fill both air bellows on the suspension of your vehicle separately, depending on the need and the load. You operate one control valve for the air bellows on the right rear axle and separately the other control for the air bellows on the left rear axle.

In this way, both air bellows of the air suspension can be filled with different air pressure. With an additional air suspension as a 2-circuit system, you can therefore drive comfortably and safely with increased driving comfort even with uneven axle loads.

A 2-circuit system should always have a compressor in order to be able to use the full benefit and comfort of the additional air suspension for your motorhome. A 2-circuit system helps you, for example, if you have to park your motorhome on an incline and still want to use the full comfort of a horizontal bed or table, for example. The level of both axles can be adjusted separately by means of additional air suspension.

2-circuit air suspension system

Advantages of air suspension at a glance

  • Increase in lateral stability and safety,
  • Reduction of crosswind sensitivity,
  • Improvement of front axle traction in front-wheel drive vehicles,
  • Protection and relief of the original vehicle suspension,
  • Sagging in the rear axle area can be levelled out,
  • No changes to the chassis necessary,

What does an auxiliary air suspension cost?

In Europe, there are several well-known manufacturers of air suspensions, such as Goldschmitt, Linnepe, SMV-Metal, XIMPLIO and others. The purchase costs for auxiliary air suspensions range from €400 to €1,200, depending on the type and manufacturer. Installation costs depend heavily on the workshop and region. In order to be able to estimate retrofitting costs, the installation times are already specified for our products. The installation costs can be estimated on the basis of the specified retrofitting time.

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