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Air suspension Fiat Ducato | Citroen Jumper | Peugeot Boxer

Air suspension Fiat Ducato | Citroen Jumper | Peugeot Boxer

In this blog article you will find the basic knowledge about additional air suspension systems from XIMPLIO for the Fiat Ducato, the identically built Citroen Jumper as well as the Peugeot Boxer. The great advantage of the air suspension from XIMPLIO for the Ducato, Jumper, Boxer is that the air suspension is modular and can be extended at any time. The XIMPLIO air suspension system consists of the following components:

  • Air bellows,
  • suspension for the rear axle,
  • air lines, connections, connecting elements and valves,
  • control panel with pressure gauge and valve,
  • air compressor.

Air bellows for uplift up to 4100 kg from Ducato | Jumper | Boxer.

The air bellows are 6 or 8 inches in size and have an enormous lifting capacity of up to 4,100 kg. Thanks to the lifting capacity, it is possible to load up to 4,100 kg on the Ducato, Jumper and Boxer. The durability of the air bellows is due to the flexible rubber, which retains its elasticity even at low temperatures. To achieve a long service life of the air suspension system, our bellows are four-layered (most manufacturers have three-layer bellows). Our bellows are universal and can be used as a replacement for other air bellows, such as those from Goldschmitt, Linnepe, SMV-Metall, Ruben and others.

Galvanised and vehicle-specific suspension for the rear axle

In order to bring the bellows to the place of use, special brackets are used which are adapted to the chassis of the vehicle as well as the suspensions of the rear axle. The brackets are manufactured using CNC technology and then galvanised. Thanks to precise machining on numerical CNC machines, the brackets fit the vehicle-specific suspensions exactly. Special metal washers are vulcanised into the bellows. Unlike many low-priced products from other competitors, our discs are equipped with internal threads instead of bolts. Thanks to this solution, a future replacement of air bellows is easy and possible without flex.

Hermetic system thanks to the connecting elements and the air line

A vehicle's auxiliary air suspension system is exposed to a wide variety of conditions. Not only thermal differences in summer or winter cause the air suspension systems to become porous and thus leak, but also working conditions such as constant vibration while driving. To withstand these challenges, we only use screwed connecting elements and high-quality lines. As a result, XIMPLIO's air suspension systems remain hermetic and leak-proof for many years.

Control panel vehicle-specific for the Ducato, Jumper, Boxer or universal

The control of the air springs can be operated from the driver's seat. The control panel is vehicle-specific and has been specially developed for the Ducato, Jumper or Boxer. The control panel fits into the cockpit and the air pressure values are visible at all times. The control panel has one or two sets of pressure gauges and control valves. The switch on the control panel is a combination device that simultaneously switches on the compressor and opens or closes the electrovalve.

Powerful compressor

XIMPLIO air suspension systems can be installed with or without a compressor. The most economical version of the auxiliary suspension is a single-circuit system without compressor. With air suspension without a compressor, the system is filled with compressed air when it is first installed. To reduce the air pressure in the system, one opens the control valve to achieve the desired pressure. To increase the pressure, a compressor is needed. For refilling, an air compressor at the petrol station or similar is sufficient.

For systems with a compressor, a compressor from the supermarket is not sufficient. Although the compressors look similar at first glance, the devices are very different. A compressor on an air suspension system must have enough power to fill the air bellows and then lift the heavy vehicle. Compressors from XIMPLIO are small, powerful compressors that raise loaded motorhomes and vans to the desired level in seconds.

Air suspension system with TÜV certificate

No matter how good an air suspension system is, in some countries it must be registered in the vehicle registration certificate. In order to be able to register air springs, a special certificate must be presented to the inspector. Our air suspension systems have a corresponding certificate issued by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg. Thanks to the test certificate with the TÜV NORD seal, registration is no problem.

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  1. Nickel Johannes
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    Guten Abend! Interessiere mich für eine 2-kreis Luftfederung mit und ohne Kompressor für Fiat. 1.Preis? 2.ABE? 3.Auflastung der hinteren Achse (ist 2000 kg und Gesamt Gewicht 3500 kg)? 4.Anschlüsse für die Luft bei den Bällen (oben oder unten)? Bedanke mich für die Antwort. J.Nickel.

  2. Paul Concannon
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    Do you have air suspension kit for a vauxhall vivaro crew cab van? If so how much it be please?

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