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Towbar extension for bike carrier

Towbar extension for bike carrier

Spare wheel collides with rear carrier - what now?

The adapter for bike carrier - towbar extension solves the problem of many motorists who have a car with spare wheel on the tailgate. Often, the installation of a bike carrier is not possible because of the spare wheel or not all bikes can be taken because the carrier collides with the spare wheel. The towbar extension solves this problem once and for all.

The tailgate can't be opened with the bike carrier hitched up?

Every van driver knows the problem when he wants to transport bikes on the trailer hitch - the rear carrier is in the way and the tailgate cannot be opened. With vehicles such as buses or motor homes that have a trailer hitch with a flange ball, the hook can be easily relocated with a simple intermediate plate (spacer) and the problem solved.

For trailer couplings with a so-called gooseneck, the solution is somewhat more complicated. Here, a temporary ball extension is used, which consists of a plug-in coupling, an extension and a new coupling ball.

Die Heckklappe lässt sich mit angekuppeltem Fahrradträger nicht öffnen?

Towbar extension - this is how it works

The towbar extension is equipped with a plug-in coupling and a new tow ball on the other side. The hitch ball is plugged onto the existing trailer hitch so that the new second ball can be used for a bike rack. The towbar extension is available in two lengths: 20 cm and 25 cm. The length specification refers to the actual extension.

towbar extension for towbar - trailer

Rigid and tiltable extension for swanneck ball

Our adapters for towbar extensions are equipped with three different plug-in couplings, namely rigid (fixed) and tiltable. The tiltable ones differ in the way they are attached to the coupling ball, i.e. whether they are attached with a tool or with a quick coupling.

Which design is best suited where is up to the user. In general, it can be assumed that a rigid variant is sufficient for a bicycle carrier with a tilting mechanism. If the rear carrier does not have a tilting function, a tilting towbar extension should be considered.

Starre und klappbare Haken-Verlängerung

Tilt down mechanism and quick release on the bike carrier itself.

With the tilt-down extension with quick release, you can make an old bike rack modern and functional again. A fold down mechanism is a convenient feature to tilt the rear rack backwards. The tilting function creates extra space and facilitates access to the trunk. With a quick release, the rear carrier can be attached to the device in no time. Another advantage of the tilt-down extension with quick-release fastener is the anti-theft device. The anti-theft device protects against unintentional unhitching of the carrier by unauthorized persons.

All this is relatively easy to retrofit even with an older rear carrier with a towbar extension with tilting function and quick release.

Abklappmechanismus und Schnellverschluss am Fahrradträger selbst anbringen

No separate approval is required for the use of the towbar extension. This allows motorists to transport their bikes comfortably and safely even if the spare wheel or tailgate are in the way. This practical adapter elegantly solves the problem and makes bicycle transport much easier.


The towbar extension for bike carriers solves the problem of colliding spare wheels or tailgates in a simple and practical way. With this adapter, motorists can transport their bikes safely and comfortably. The extension allows the bike carrier to be mounted even if there is a spare wheel on the tailgate. It is available in different versions, including rigid and folding. The folding mechanism and quick release provide additional convenience and safety. The use of the hitch extension does not require separate approval and is a simple solution to safely transport bicycles despite obstacles.

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    Hallo, Wir haben Interesse an den Kupplungsverlängerung für Fahrradträger 20 cm. Nun unsere Frage, wir haben ein Thule Fahrradanhänger zum abkippen. Dieser sitzt auf einen T5 Anhängerkupplung mit einer Heckklappe. Passt dieser Haken von ihnen? Damit wir die Tür dann aufmachen können? wenn es nicht passen sollte, kann man dies dann als kostenlose retour wieder zurückschicken? Viele Grüße Thomas Zangmeister

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