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Retrofit Your Camper with Air Suspension from XIMPLIO

Retrofit Your Camper with Air Suspension from XIMPLIO

Additional suspension from XIMPLIO for panel vans, motorhomes and cab chassis

XIMPLIO is widely recognised as the leading supplier of towbars and frame extensions for motorhomes. But that's not all. The company also supplies high quality air suspension systems for vans, cab chassis, platform trailers and motorhomes. These systems are not only tested and approved for road use, but also have an official European Certificate (EC). On X-CAMPING you will be able to buy all XIMPLIO lift kits and the list of available products is constantly growing.

Supported vehicles include:

  • Fiat Ducato III, Citroën Jumper II, Peugeot Boxer II, Type 250, Year of production 2006, with front-wheel drive and single tyres (KBA 91923),
  • Opel Movano B, year of construction 2010- 2022, with front-wheel drive and single tyres (KBA 91950),
  • Opel Movano C, year of construction from 2021, with front-wheel drive and single tyres (KBA 91950),
  • Renault Master III, year of construction from 2010, with front-wheel drive and single tyres (KBA 91950),
  • VW Crafter / MAN TGE, year of construction from 2017, with front, rear and all-wheel drive (4x4) (KBA 91920),
  • Iveco Daily 35S year of construction, from 2014, with rear-wheel drive and single tyres (KBA 91922),
  • Iveco Daily 35S / 35C / 50C year of construction from 2014, with rear-wheel drive and twin tyres (KBA 91922).

Camper without lifting kit

Advantages of air suspension for the camper

There are many advantages of using lift kits on motorhomes. Here are some top reasons why you should think about fitting air suspension:

  • Sagging on the rear axle: With additional air suspension, you can compensate for sagging on the rear axle and thus improve comfort and driving safety.
  • Improved stability in crosswinds and steep slopes: The lift kit enhances the stability of your motorhome on the road, particularly when dealing with crosswinds and steep slopes.
  • Levelling on campsites: Air suspension makes it easy to level your motorhome on uneven campsites.
  • Improved distribution and traction on the front axle: The extra lift kit system enhances the distribution of weight and grip of the front axle, especially in vehicles with front-wheel drive.
  • Increasing the payload on the rear axle: With air springs, you can increase the payload on the rear axle without overloading the original springs.
  • Improved relief for the original springs: The additional air suspension helps to lighten the load on your car's original suspension, in turn increasing the lifespan of your vehicle.
  • Improved ride comfort and safer driving: The lift kit system greatly enhances ride comfort and driving safety.


Better balance on hills

Fig. 1 Application examples for air suspension: A) Steep driveways, B) Sagging on the rear axle

Better ride experience on narrow roads

Fig. 2 Application examples for air suspension: C) Incorrect weight distribution left and right, D) Levelling on campsites.

Many combinations of lift kit systems

XIMPLIO offers various air suspension systems, including single-circuit and dual-circuit systems. Here is an overview:

Single-circuit system with and without compressor

This is the least expensive option. The air bellows get filled with air through valves on the outside when being put together. They go between the car's body and wheels, taking the place of the original bags. The driver can let the air out anytime thanks to a valve on the control box. Both sides get filled and emptied at the same time.

System with single circuit

Fig. 3 Schematic diagram of a 1-circuit system - air suspension: A) without compressor, B) with compressor. Both shown with vehicle-specific control panel for Fiat Ducato.

Double-circuit system with and without compressor

In a 2-circuit system, both air bellows can be controlled independently. In a system with a compressor, the driver can control the filling from their seat and fill the left and right sides independently.

Due to the separate lines for the left and right sides, a compressor is particularly recommended for a dual-circuit system.

System with double circuit

Fig. 4 Schematic diagram of a 2-circuit system - air suspension: C) without compressor, D) with compressor.

High-performance compressor

Whether you choose a one-circuit or two-circuit system, both provide the choice to inflate the air suspension using an external compressor. Valves on the hoses leading to the control unit, resembling those on car tyres, enable the suspension to be inflated by an external compressor.

However, if you expect more flexibility from your air suspension system, you should consider installing an internal compressor. An internal compressor allows you to customise the vehicle height depending on the situation. With an internal compressor, you have full control over the vehicle's ride height, whether it's to compensate for crosswinds, on steep driveways, on ferries or for levelling on campsites.

Examples of compressors

Fig. 5 Compressors of the XIMPLIO air suspension: A) Standard compressor, B) High-performance compressor.

XIMPLIO offers a choice of two compressors: the standard version with a delivery rate of 35 litres per minute and the heavy-duty version with an impressive 70 litres per minute.


Hermetic system for robustness and durability

An air suspension system in vehicles is exposed to a variety of challenges, including temperature fluctuations, dirt, salt and the constant vibrations of driving. XIMPLIO employs certain hoses and connectors to guarantee the durability and efficient operation of an air suspension system. The system's core component is the bellows, made of a unique rubber compound that seals tightly.

The use of this sealed system guarantees that the air suspension operates reliably even in the toughest conditions and is safeguarded against external influences. XIMPLIO provides a generous 24-month warranty to customers on all system components to instil trust in the quality and longevity of these.

What is included in the set

Fig. 6 Components of the XIMPLIO air suspension: A) 15 cm / 6 inch* air bellows, B) 17 cm / 8 inch* air bellows, C) Valves, brackets, distributors, hoses, etc.

*) The air bellows are identical for versions A and B (Fig. 6). The difference lies in the size of the mounting plate.

Vehicle-specific and universal control panel

XIMPLIO provides convenient solutions. The controls can be mounted in the cockpit for specific vehicles or universally under the driver's seat. A single pressure gauge is available for 1-circuit systems, and 2-circuit systems come with two pressure gauges. The controls come in various forms, including hard and soft-touch buttons with a solenoid valve.

Types of control panels

Fig. 7: XIMPLIO air suspension with various operating elements. A) Universal control panel with soft-touch switch for a 1-circuit system with compressor. B) Universal standard control panel for a 2-circuit system with compressor. In Fig. 3 and 4, vehicle-specific control consoles for Fiat Ducato.

Only for rear axle with leaf suspension

The air suspension systems from XIMPLIO are designed to fit the requirements of vehicles with leaf suspension on the rear axle. They come in 2 sizes, either 6 inch or 8 inch, to match various installation options and the personal preferences of customers.

These air bellows are fitted precisely between the chassis and the rear axle. Thanks to their special elasticity and adaptability, the air-suspended car (without air) stands as high as a car without air suspension. This ensures not only ride comfort but also stability.

It is important to note that XIMPLIO air suspension is only suitable for vehicles with leaf suspension on the rear axle. It is not possible to fit the air bellows to vehicles with ALKO lightweight frames and coil springs. The specially developed air suspension systems are therefore an optimum solution for improving the handling and ride comfort of leaf-suspended vehicles.

So if you want to utilise the benefits of air suspension for your vehicle and it has leaf suspension on the rear axle, XIMPLIO products are the ideal choice.

Difference between AL-KO and leaf suspension

Fig. 8 XIMPLIO air suspension for vehicles with leaf suspension. Not suitable for ALKO frames.

Self-installation of air suspension

XIMPLIO air suspension is perfectly prepared for self-installation. No special tools or equipment are required. Installation is done without any modifications to the chassis, which means no drilling, no welding, no bending and rust-free. XIMPLIO uses factory holes for retrofitting and supplies a complete installation kit with all the necessary components.

All parts of air suspension set

Fig. 9: Step-by-step instructions with pictures make it easy for do-it-yourselves to install air suspension.


XIMPLIO air suspension systems offer an affordable alternative to products from Linnepe, Goldschmitt or SMV-Metall.

With X-CAMPING, you can upgrade your vehicle cost-effectively and benefit from the many advantages of additional air suspension. Don't wait any longer and improve your driving experience with lifting kit from XIMPLIO.

Photo of car with lift kit

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