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Five advantages of a trailer coupling on a motorhome

Five advantages of a trailer coupling on a motorhome

Towbar on a motorhome? Why? We explain... installig a towbar has more advantages than you think. Here you can find out about the advantages of installing a towbar on a motorhome.

Advantages of a towbar on a motorhome

1) More storage space for on the go

Rear carrier for bicycle, scooter, snowboard, transport box

At some point, every space is too small, whether it's the house, the garage, the cellar or the boot of your car. This also applies to mobile homes. Increasing the size of a house, cellar or flat is relatively complicated compared to increasing the storage space of a motorhome.

The acquisition costs of additional storage space on a car are much lower than for a property. And we're not talking about a larger motorhome here, but a transport box, rear carrier or trailer. With all these means, the constitutional volume of your mobile home changes immediately. To achieve this, you need a trailer towing device

A trailer tow hitch means more storage space on the road, whether for a rear storage box, rear carrier system or a trailer. Rear boxes mounted on the trailer hitch can also be used in different ways, e.g. as a storage box for waste, embroidering equipment, dirty laundry, tools and much more. Such separation of clean and unclean items makes sense not only on the road but also during rest time. Both online and in the stationary shops you can find different carrier attachments of transport boxes, made of aluminum and plastic or mixed. 

Why at the rear? Rear boxes are suitable for underground garages, can be combined with bicycle racks on the rear wall, are easily accessible and do not cause additional fuel consumption.

2) Easy loading also for e-bikes

Easy loading also for e-bikes

The ball of a trailer hitch should be at a height of between 350 and 420 mm from the ground, in accordance with regulations. Because of the low height, access to the rear rack is relatively easy. If you have ever tried to attach a bicycle to the roof rack, you already know how difficult it is. This is especially noticeable with heavy objects. For this reason, a trailer hitch is a perfect means of transport for electric bikes.

Loading and unloading the electric bike takes a few minutes and can be done by one person. What many people don't know is that scooters, motorbikes or bulky objects can also be transported on a rear carrier.

A rear carrier for the trailer coupling is also a good alternative for a towbar carrier if you are travelling without a trailer.

3) Trailer for city car, boat, jet ski, motorbike, caravan

Trailer for city car, boat, jet ski, motorbike, caravan

If you're going on a big trip, a trailer is a must. The search for a suitable parking space in big cities like Berlin, Rome, Paris, London or Barcelona with a camper van can be endless. Bringing along a small car makes it possible. A trailer offers space not only for a city car but also for a boat, jet ski or motorbike. There is also no obstacle to taking along a caravan. To take a trailer with you, you need a trailer coupling.

4) A trailer hitch prevents scratches in the event of minor jostling

A trailer coupling prevents scratches in the event of minor jostling

Even if it sounds strange, every car owner with a trailer coupling knows this phenomenon. A trailer hitch prevents scratches from minor jostling. Simple but true. When manoeuvring at the campsite, turning, parking or hitting the wall, the trailer coupling ball prevents damage to the car. The reason for this? Quite simply, the trailer coupling ball looks out the furthest.

Isn't that a reason to install a trailer hitch on your motorhome? If you are still not convinced, read on....

5) Increase in value of the car

While parking damage reduces the value of your car, a trailer hitch is a counter-argument and increases the value of your motorhome. The initial cost of a towbar on a motorhome is between 500 EUR and 1500 EUR. The cost depends largely on whether a frame extension is required or not. The second cost factor is the design and manufacturer of the trailer hitch and ultimately the installation costs. You can find out more about this in the article:

Our recommendation is to install a towbar as soon as possible. As long as you have little in the way of additional equipment on your camper, installing a trailer hitch is easy and inexpensive. Dirt tanks, supports or air suspension should be fitted after a trailer hitch has been installed. Why?

When installing such additional equipment as additional tanks, support systems or additional suspension, mounting points for a towbar are often taken up. The conversion of such additional devices when installing a trailer hitch causes additional costs. Once the towbar is installed, the fitters of additional devices adapt accordingly without generating additional costs.

Base for other devices

Although we do not list it here as an advantage, the argument should not be disregarded. A trailer hitch is a good and stable base for other equipment. A towbar can be used in many ways; a rear carrier and trailers are among the most commonly used devices that one couples to the towbar.

A trailer towing hitch is also a stable mounting base for a variety of equipment. Equipment such as a winch, equipment carrier with US insert, basket, bench, vice, mast, shackle, barbecue, tent equipment and much more can be mounted on the trailer hitch ball.

Increase in value of the car

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