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Here you will learn everything you need to know to retrofit a trailer hitch on your motorhome yourself. From the basics of a trailer hitch and its different types to detailed installation examples for different types of motorhomes, this guide offers practical tips and illustrated instructions.
The correct ball height of a trailer hitch is essential for motor home and commercial vehicle owners. In the EU, 350 mm to 420 mm above the ground is mandatory to ensure safety. Incorrect settings can lead to loss of control. Regular checks and suitable accessories, such as those available from x-CAMPING, are therefore essential. Safety and comfort depend significantly on this correct adjustment.
Basic knowledge about variable towbars for motorhomes. Everything you need to know before you decide on a universal trailer hitch: Manufacturers, prices, value for money. Read on and learn more...
Towbar on a motorhome? Why? We explain... retrofitting a towbar has more advantages than you think. Here you can find out about the advantages of installing a towbar on a motorhome.
Air suspension is becoming increasingly popular among motorhome owners, as it offers a number of advantages over traditional suspension systems.