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Towbar for Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo since 2014

Towbars for Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo Bj. ab 2014 motorhomes

Welcome to X-CAMPING, your specialist in retrofitting towbars for motorhomes. In this category you will find towbars, electrical kits and even frame extensions for the Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo Bj. ab 2014 motorhomes, whether it’s a coachbuilt or C-Class with overcab bed.

Fixed and detachable towbars

Our range includes various trailer hitches and electrics for the Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo Bj. ab 2014 motorhome. Due to the specific design of these motorhomes as C-class with or without overcab bed and a long overhang with a deep rear garage, the towbars for the Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo Bj. ab 2014 should be adjustable. We offer a wide range of height, width and length adjustable towbars with fixed and detachable towballs.

  • Fixed:
    • With lateral swanneck towballs.
    • With front flange towballs attached with two or four bolts.
  • Detachable:
    • Vertically detachable systems with anti-theft device.
    • Horizontally removable towballs with anti-theft device.
    • Detachable towballs with lever system (without anti-theft device).
Towbar for Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo since 2014

The detachable towball systems with anti-theft protection are produced by renowned manufacturers such as ACS Towbar Systems, a member of the Brink Group, a leading supplier of towbars in Europe. All our products come from renowned European manufacturers, are TÜV-tested and approved for road use.

Fiat Ducato with load-bearing frame

Before fitting a towbar to your Fiat Ducato it is important to check that the chassis is sufficiently extended and strong. On some cars with the Benimar Mileo body, the chassis of the base car is extended and prepared for the installation of a towbar. This is known as a load-bearing frame.

Read our blog to find out how to check if a frame extension is load-bearing. For vehicles that already have a load-bearing frame extension, the cost of fitting a towbar is lower as no additional extension is required.

Fiat Ducato without a load-bearing frame

If your Fiat Ducato does not have a load-bearing frame extension, you must first fit a chassis extension in order to be able to fit a towbar later. The frame extension is the base for the towbar and rear garage. It consists of frame adapters, extension profiles and reinforcement kits. The frame adapters are fitted to the original Fiat Ducato chassis and the extension profiles are screwed onto the adapters.

Our frame adapters are designed in the same way for all Fiat Ducato models so that the existing mounting points on the vehicle frame can be used and no modifications to the original frame are required. The frame extension profiles are adapted to the length of the overhang or rear garage.

X-CAMPING offers frame extensions in different lengths from 75 cm to 200 cm. You can find out which length you need for your vehicle and how to determine this in our blog.

Our frame extension for the Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo Bj. ab 2014 can be used universally and is compatible with various trailer hitches from other manufacturers (SMV-Metall, Linnepe, AL-KO, SAWIKO, XIMPLIO). Please note that a frame extension can also be adjusted in height and width. For an example of the adjustment possibilities of a frame extension from XIMPLIO, click here.

Towbar for Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo since 2014

Electric kits for towbars

In addition to towbars, we also offer suitable electrics for your motorhome. Our vehicle-specific and universal cable sets are available in 7-pin and 13-pin versions. The vehicle-specific electrics are specially designed for the Fiat Ducato Benimar Mileo Bj. ab 2014 motorhome. Please note that due to the overall length of motorhomes, extra-long cable sets of up to 9 metres in length are often required.

List of compatible vehicles:

BrandModelMotorhome bodyTypeRV typeYear of production
FiatDucatoBenimar Mileo297Coachbuilt2014-
FiatDucatoBenimar Mileo296Coachbuilt2014-
FiatDucatoBenimar Mileo282Coachbuilt2014-
FiatDucatoBenimar Mileo268Coachbuilt2014-
FiatDucatoBenimar Mileo263Coachbuilt2014-
FiatDucatoBenimar Mileo261Coachbuilt2014-

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