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FABBRI is a renowned Italian manufacturer of bicycle racks and other transport systems for cars and motorhomes, with an international reputation.


FABBRI - Innovative design for bicycle racks and transport systems

FABBRI is an internationally recognised Italian manufacturer of bicycle racks and other transport systems for cars and motorhomes. Since its foundation in 1962, the company has stood for innovation, quality and sustainability. Although FABBRI has been part of the Epta Gruppo since 2018, the company retains its reputation as a pioneer in the industry.

FABBRI product portfolio

FABBRI's product portfolio includes a wide range of bike racks and transport systems designed to make transporting bikes and other luggage safe and easy. FABBRI bike racks are characterised by robust construction, high quality and user-friendly features. They offer various mounting options, including rear racks, roof racks and carriers for towbars, to meet the different needs of customers. In addition to bike racks, FABBRI also offers transport systems such as roof boxes and ski racks that provide additional storage space for luggage and sports equipment.

Milestones and interesting facts about FABBRI

FABBRI has passed several milestones in its history. One of them was the integration of innovative technologies that made the company a pioneer in the industry. A notable milestone was the introduction of the patented "Rapid Fixing System", which allows for quick and easy installation of bike racks and is known for its reliability and safety.

An interesting news is that FABBRI Portatutto has been part of the Epta Gruppo since 2018. This collaboration allows FABBRI to take advantage of the group's strong know-how and innovative technologies to continue offering first-class products. FABBRI's production philosophy proudly combines the essence of Made in Italy with the concepts of quality and safety. By continually incorporating new technologies and designs into their products, FABBRI stays on top of the latest developments in the industry.

x-CAMPING - Authorised dealer for FABBRI products

x-CAMPING is very proud to be an authorised dealer of FABBRI products. Customers of the online shop can rely on receiving high-quality bike racks and transport systems that meet FABBRI's strict quality standards. Through the partnership between FABBRI and x-CAMPING, customers have access to a wide range of innovative and high-quality products that facilitate the transport of bicycles and luggage in the camping and outdoor sector.

Visit the official FABBRI website to learn more about the product portfolio, history and latest developments. Rely on FABBRI and x-CAMPING to find the ideal solution for the safe transport of your bikes and luggage.

Nowadays, Fabbri Portatutto's portfolio includes various storage accessories: bike racks, ski racks, roof racks, roof boxes and accessories for commercial vehicles to better enjoy leisure and work thanks to practical, robust and functional solutions.



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