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Towbar for Ford Transit

Towbar for Ford Transit motorhomes and panel vans

Trailer hitch, cable set and frame extension for motorhomes and panel vans

The history of the Ford Transit as a motorhome base vehicle began in the late 1960s. The Ford Transit was originally designed as a commercial vehicle for transporting goods and cargo. However, its robustness, reliability and spacious interior soon made it the ideal base vehicle for motorhome manufacturers.

In the 1970s, several companies began using the Ford Transit as the basis for motorhome conversions. The flexibility of the Transit allowed manufacturers to add various interior features, including sleeping areas, kitchens, bathrooms and storage space. This led to the growing popularity of Transit-based motorhomes.

Over the years, the Ford Transit has undergone continuous development and improvement, making it one of the most widely used base vehicles for motorhomes worldwide. The various generations of the Ford Transit have been equipped with modern features, more efficient engines and improved driving comfort, making it a popular choice for motorhome enthusiasts.

X-CAMPING, as a towbar dealer, has made it its business to supply the wide range of vehicles and vehicle variants with the appropriate towbars.


There is a wide range of Ford Transit vehicles and towbars to choose from. The vehicles can be grouped on several levels, e.g:

  • By generation:
    • Ford Transit (1965–1977) and Facelift (1977-1986) - First Generation,
    • Ford Transit (1986–2003) - Second Generation,
    • Ford Transit (2000–2014) - Third Generation (MK6 and MK7),
    • Ford Transit (since 2014) – Fourth Generation.
  • By body type:
    • Panel van: The standard version of the Ford Transit, often used as a delivery van or commercial transport vehicle.
    • Box van with single or double cab.
    • Cab chassis: Consists of a chassis and a cab, often used as the basis for specialist commercial vehicles, caravans and other special bodies.
    • Minibus: Ford Transit is also available as a minibus or minivan for transporting people.
    • Motorhome: many manufacturers offer motorhomes based on the Ford Transit.

At X-CAMPING you will find suitable parts for all these types of vehicles. You can search for vans, pick-ups and panel vans by model and year or filter by body manufacturer (e.g. Ahorn, Bürstner).

Towbar for Ford Transit box van, panel van, chassis cab, motorhome

Vehicles without additional body

Choosing the right towbar for your Ford Transit is a two-step process:

  1. Body type: select the appropriate body type of the vehicle, e.g. panel van, box van, cab chassis, flatbed, etc.
  2. Generation: select the correct manufacturing period of the vehicle (e.g. 1. Generation, 2. Generation, 3. Generation, 4. Generation etc.)

Determining the parameters to find a suitable towbar and electrical kit is straightforward. For such vehicles, a vehicle-specific towbar and electrical kit can usually be used.


Trailer hitch for Ford Transit as base vehicle for motorhomes, car transporters, crane, tipper

Vehicles with additional body (coachbuilt or A’Class motorhomes)

If you have a Ford Transit with an additional body, e.g. motorhome (class A or class C, car transporter, crane, tipper, tail lift or similar), you can only use a variable towbar. We offer a wide range of variable towbars - rigid and detachable with different detaching mechanisms. You can find the full range of these products in the category: Universal Towing Hitches

Vehicles with bodies that are longer than the original Ford Transit chassis usually require a frame extension. This is especially the case with coachbuilt design and A'Class vehicles.


Frame extension

A frame extension is a load-bearing extension of the base vehicle and provides a stable base for the towbar. It is vehicle specific, so the following parameters must be determined in order to find a suitable towbar with frame extension and electrical kit:

  1. Generation or type (e.g. I, II, III, IV),
  2. Chassis type: normal, ALKO, low frame or flat frame,
  3. Length of the overhang.

In this category you will find the most popular motorhome bodies based on the Ford Transit. Simply select the manufacturer (e.g. Autosleeper, Ahorn, Bürstner, Carado, Chausson, Dethleffs, Eura Mobil, Frankia) and body type (e.g. Camper van, Coachbuilt, A'class) to go to the next category with the year of manufacture of your motorhome.


No information about the vehicle base?

Even if you do not have the exact details of your vehicle chassis, we can still help you with finding the right towbar. Simply go to the appropriate category: Towbars and select the manufacturer of your motorhome, e.g: Bürstner, Challenger, Chausson, Dethleffs, Hobby, Hymer, La Strada, Laika, Mobilevetta, Pilote, Pössl, TEC, Westfalia or similar to narrow down the products in the other categories.

Towbar electrics

In order to ensure the full functionality of your towbar, a suitable electric kit is required. At x-Camping we offer a wide range of electric kits: You can choose between 7-pin or 13-pin sockets, depending on your individual requirements.

Our electrical kits are available in both universal and vehicle-specific versions for your Ford Transit to ensure easy installation and a reliable electrical connection. For optimum compatibility, we recommend you to choose the vehicle specific electrical kit designed specifically for your Ford Transit. This ensures seamless integration into your vehicle and trouble-free operation.

Whether you drive first, second, third or fourth generation of Ford Transit, we have the right electric kits to meet the highest quality standards. Our experts are also happy to provide advice and assistance to ensure you make the right choice and that your towbar works perfectly with the right electrical kit.


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Customer satisfaction is X-CAMPING's top priority. We guarantee high quality products, easy order processing and reliable customer service. Our towbars are specially designed for the Ford Transit and are characterised by high quality, safety and precision fit. With our products you can easily retrofit your towbar and expand your transport possibilities. Rely on X-CAMPING for professional solutions and a smooth driving experience with your Ford Transit.


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Convince yourself of the quality and versatility of our products and make your next camping trip even more enjoyable. At X-CAMPING you will find the perfect towbar for your Ford Transit. Start shopping now and let our excellent service convince you.


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