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Towbar for Etrusco motorhome

Towbar for Roller Team motorhome

Roller Team is a well-known Italian motorhome manufacturer and part of the large Trigano Group. Known for its Mediterranean design and high quality, the company offers a wide range of vehicles, from compact motorhomes to A-class models.

Today, the Roller Team brand is managed together with Benimar, Challenger, Forster, Karmann Mobil, Mobilvetta, Panama and Eura Mobil within the Trigano Group. As a competent supplier of high quality towbars and accessories especially for all brands of the Trigano Group, including Roller Team, X-CAMPING is your competent partner. If you own a Roller Team motorhome and are thinking about retrofitting a towbar, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of customised trailer hitch, electric kits and frame extensions to suit your individual needs.

At X-CAMPING we place great emphasis on quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Our products are carefully selected and meet the highest standards to provide you with a reliable and comfortable travel experience.

Trailer hitch, electrical kit and frame extension for recreational vehicles (RV)

Fixed and detachable towbars

We offer a wide range of towbars, including fixed and detachable models, all of which are type approved. We take great care to ensure compliance with the latest safety standards.

Our fixed trailer hitch include models such as the swan neck towball, which attaches from the side, and the flange towball, which attaches from the front with two or four bolts.

For those who want more flexibility, we offer detachable models. You can choose from Westfalia's interchangeable plate system, Auto-HAK's with lever towbar and ACS Towbar Systems B.V.'s lockable knob towbar (part of the Brink Group).

Renowned brands such as AL-KO, Sawiko, SMV-Metall, Thule, Westfalia, Brink and many others rely on the superior quality of the detachable towball from ACS Towbar Systems BV. These industry leaders appreciate the level and reliability of ACS Towbar Systems BV, which enables them to guarantee their customers an excellent product range.

Electrics 7- and 13-pin

Universal and vehicle-specific

At X-CAMPING we have electrical kits for every need. Our selection ranges from 7- to 13-pin kits in two main categories.

For versatility, we offer universal electrics that can be adapted to different vehicle models. Ideal if you are looking for an affordable solution. Alternatively, we offer specific electrical kit exclusively for your Roller Team recreational vehicle to ensure maximum compatibility.

Our wiring harnesses are user-friendly and easy to install, even for non-professionals. For caravans, we recommend our 13-pin electrical kit as they offer expandable options, such as a continuous power line or extended charging capabilities.

For special requirements, especially for coachbuilt or A-class as well as coachbuilt with overcab bed, we offer extra-long cable variants, some of which are up to 9 metres long.

Whether you want to add a trailer, bicycle or motorbike rack to your Roller Team motorhome, our electrical kits guarantee reliable power. Rely on X-CAMPING to optimise your RV experience.

Frame extension and reinforcement kits

At X-CAMPING we offer tailor-made towing solutions for your Roller Team motorhome. Whatever your model, we have the right solution for you.

Many motorhomes, especially coachbuilt, A-class and coachbuilt with overcab bed, require a frame extension due to the overhang between the chassis and the end of the body. This provides a sturdy base for trailer hitch and various rear-mounted racks so you can easily transport equipment such as bicycles or motorcycles.

If your vehicle already has a load-bearing frame extension, our experts can help you find the right towbar. If you do not have one, our extensive database will help you find one.In addition to towbars, our range also includes frame reinforcement kits and other useful accessories.

For Roller Team campervans based on panel vans, we offer special towbars. These are designed specifically for your model and guarantee a secure connection without the need for additional reinforcements.

Base vehicles and models of Roller Team.

At X-CAMPING we offer an extensive range of towbars that are perfectly tailored to every Roller Team chassis and model, whether it is a motorhome, coachbuilt, A-class or coachbuilt with overcab bed. Whether your motorhome is built on a Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Ford Transit, Renault Master or any other chassis, we have the ideal towbar solution for your specific Roller Team model.

Some of the popular Roller Team models we provide bespoke towbars for include:

  • Fiat Ducato-based campervans such as Livingstone 2, 5, 6, Duo and K2.
  • Coachbuilt vehicles on Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit, for example the Kronos range.
  • A-class models, mainly on Fiat Ducato, such as the Zefiro series.
  • Coachbuilt with overcab bed models like the Kronos series, built on chassis like Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit.

We even have custom-fit towbars available for classic models such as Sirio, Enduro, Autoroller and Granduca.

Our trailer hitches are developed according to strict standards and thoroughly tested to ensure that they fit your Roller Team RV perfectly. At X-CAMPING, we do everything we can to provide you with the highest quality and reliability so you can travel worry-free and safely.

Need help choosing the right towbar? We are here!

To help you with the challenging task of choosing the right towing hitch, we offer a number of resources. Visit our informative blog for helpful articles and our comprehensive FAQ pages for answers to frequently asked questions. If you still can't find the information you need, don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is always on hand to help you choose the right accessories for your Roller Team RV.

There are a number of ways to contact us, including WhatsApp, the contact form on our website and email. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions or let us know your specific requirements. We are here to help.

Order your towbar from X-CAMPING today and benefit from safe and reliable travelling. Our aim is to provide you with high quality products that perfectly meet your requirements and offer you the best solution for your towbar!


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