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Towbar for Citroen Jumper Mooveo Tei since 2014

Trailer hitch for motorhome - Citroen Jumper Mooveo Tei since 2014

In this category, you will find a compatible towbar, electrical kit, or even a frame extension for the motorhome Citroen Jumper Mooveo Tei since 2014. All our products come from well-known and reputable manufacturers from Europe, are TÜV-tested, and approved for road use in Europe and the United Nations Organization. The towbars have a test number that proves their approval. Thanks to the test number, the products are registration-free and do not need to be individually approved by the TÜV.

Citroen Jumper with load bearing frame

In order to install a trailer hitch on your Citroen Jumper, you need check if the frame is appropriately extended and load-bearing. In many vehicles with the Mooveo Tei body, the base vehicle's chassis is accordingly extended and prepared for retrofitting a trailer hitch. In such situations, the installation costs of a trailer hitch are cheaper because no frame extension is required. You choose a trailer hitch (fixed or detachable) and an electrical kit (7- or 13-pin) and can start installing them once you receive the goods.

Citroen Jumper without a load-bearing frame

If your Citroen Jumper does not have a load-bearing frame extension, it must first be installed to later be able to install a trailer hitch. A frame extension mainly consists of two main components: a frame adapters and a load carrier. The frame adapters are mounted on the original chassis of the Citroen Jumper, and then the longitudinal members are bolted to the adapters. The end of the frame extension is formed by a cross member that can be replaced by a trailer hitch. Our frame extensions are designed to use the existing mounting points on the car frame, and therefore, no modifications are required to the original frame.

Our frame extension for Citroen Jumper Mooveo Tei since 2014 is universal and compatible with variable trailer hitches from all manufacturers (SMV Metall, Linnepe, AL-KO, SAWIKO, XIMPLIO). The same situation is with our variable towbar for Citroen Jumper Mooveo Tei since 2014 which is compatible with frame extensions from all manufacturers.

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