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Towbar for Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo Motorhome

Towbars for Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo coachbuilt and C-Class with overcab bed motorhomes

Welcome to X-CAMPING, your specialist for Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo C-class and coachbuilt with overcab bed motorhomes. We offer a wide range of towbars, frame extensions, air suspension and more for your motorhome.

Adjustable towbars: fixed and detachable

We offer a range of trailer hitches and electrics for most Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo motorhomes, both complete and in parts. Due to the specific design of these vehicles, including coachbuilt models with or without overcab bed, Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo towbars must be adaptable. We offer a wide range of adjustable towbars in height, width and length, including both fixed and detachable towball.

  • Fixed towbars:
    • With lateral swanneck towball,
    • With front flange hitchball, which is attached with two or four bolts.
  • Detachable trailer hitch:
    • Vertically detachable systems with anti-theft device,
    • Horizontally detachable towballs with anti-theft device,
    • Detachable towballs with lever system (without theft protection).
Towbar for Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo Motorhome

The detachable ball head systems with anti-theft protection come from renowned manufacturers such as ACS Towbar Systems, a member of the Brink Group, a leading supplier of towbars in Europe.

Frame extensions for towbars

Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo C-Class motorhomes and coachbuilts with overcab bed often require a special frame extension to fit a towbar. This frame extension must be robust and a perfect fit to meet the requirements of your vehicle. At X-CAMPING we offer frame extensions with and without a towbar.

Our frame extensions are available in different lengths to cover the variety of motorhomes in the Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo range. To determine the correct length for your motorhome, please refer to our blog articles or FAQ pages.

C-class motorhomes and coachbuilts with overcab bed are often fitted with a rear garage that has a longer and deeper overhang. As the rear garage is lower than the standard frame of the base vehicle, the height of the frame extension profiles must be adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. Our frame extensions are specifically designed to meet these requirements and provide a safe and reliable solution for retrofitting your towbar.

Towbar for Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo Motorhome

Electric kits for towbars

As well as towbars, we also offer electrics for your motorhome. Our vehicle-specific and universal wiring harnesses are available in both 7-pin and 13-pin versions. With extra-long cables up to 9 metres long, our electric kits are suitable for longer vehicles.

Whatever version of Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo motorhome you have, simply select the year of manufacture of your vehicle to find the right towbar. In our sub-categories you will find all the products you need to fit a towbar to your Citroen Jumper Laika Kosmo motorhome.


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