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Motorbike Carriers for Every Car with Towbar

Motorcycle and Scooter Carriers

Mopeds or scooters are popular ways of transportation in the city as well as in nature. Whether you are traveling with a camper, bus, or a vehicle, the transportation options for a motorcycle are limited. If you want to transport more than one motorcycle, you need to purchase a motorcycle trailer. For a scooter, moped, or motorcycle weighing up to 250 kg, this can be done with a towbar-mounted motorcycle carrier. We offer motorcycle carriers for mounting on the towbar with different load capacities, ranging from 75 kg to 250 kg.

Before choosing a scooter carrier, you should check the vertical load of the towbar. The maximum vertical load of the towbar must not be exceeded. The vertical load is usually marked with an S and ranges from 60 to 350 kg depending on the vehicle and trailer hitch. The total weight on the towbar must not exceed the permissible vertical load. For the total weight, both the weight of the scooter carrier and that of the moped count. If the hitch does not have the desired permissible vertical load, you may need to choose a different towbar. The permissible vertical load is also determined by the manufacturer for each vehicle. You can only find out whether it is sensible to search for a different towbar when you check the maximum vertical load of your vehicle in the new registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document) under point 13.

If you are looking for a towbar for a car, please visit our partner shop at – ahk-onlineshop, and for towbars for motorhomes, you can find them in the category at Towbars. If you need a scooter carrier, you are in the right place.

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