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Accessories for Towbars

Accessories or Towbar

Here you will find various accessories for the towbar. The category is divided into subcategories to group similar products, including:

  • Adapter plates for adjusting the towbar ball. If the trailer is tilted or too low under the car, you will find the appropriate adapter piece here to position the coupling in the desired location.
  • Grid plates for the towbar are used in motorhomes and other structures when the entire trailer mechanism is shifted upwards, downwards, or in the direction of travel.
  • Accessories for frame extension. A sturdy frame extension for motorhomes is a complex construction that may need to be customized for the vehicle. These are reinforcement kits, angles, diagonals, or other adapters to properly install a frame extension.
  • Cable sets and electrical parts for the towbar and trailer. This includes not only 7- or 13-pin electrical kits for the towbar but also various electrical parts to operate electrical devices in the trailer, such as a refrigerator, charging cable for an auxiliary battery, and more.
  • Tow balls for towbars with various mounting systems, such as 2-hole, 4-hole, flange ball, swan-neck ball, or detachable systems.
  • Screws and fastening materials for towbars and accessories.

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