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Get a discount of EUR 30.00 on an already purchased product

Find out how easy it is and get a discount

 Get a dicount

What do I have to do to get the discount?


  1. Rate the product in our online shop
  2. Rate our shop on one of the rating portals
  1. Give a rating about our company on
  2. Like, follow and share us on Facebook
  3. Describe us in an automotive forum or discussion group and link the post to our website
  4. Send us an email with links confirming that you have followed the above steps.

Who is our offer aimed at?

  1. To customers of our online shop who have bought goods worth more than 300.00 EUR
  2. The submitted rating must be older than 10 working days and cannot be deleted.



How do I do that? Here are brief instructions....

How to rate - instructions

Submit a review and Like us on Facebook

  1. Product review in our shop (it is not necessary to create an account).
  2. Go to our website
  3. Find the item you bought from us and go to the "Reviews" tab
  4. Click on "Write your review".
  5. Give us as positive a review as you can 😊
  6. Publish your review by clicking "Publish review".
  7. If you can't find the product - write to us, we'll find it for you.

Review our shop on one of the review portals

  1. Below you will find the links to our profile. Click on the link and follow the instructions on the page.

Write a review on Google

  1. Click on the link and skip points 2, 3 and 4 or
  2. Open the search engine
  3. Enter in the search box
  4. As soon as the company profile is displayed, click on "Write review" or
  5. Describe us as positively as you can 😊
  6. Publish your review by clicking on "Publish".

Like us on Facebook

  1. Click on the link or go to Facebook and search for us under the name:
  2. Like our profile
  3. Add our profile to your followers
  4. Share our profile on your wall

Recommend us on an online forum or discussion group

If you are registered on an online forum or discussion group for cars (it must be an open discussion group, the comment must also be visible for guests):

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Find an appropriate thread on the topic
  3. Describe your experience with the product you bought and include a link in the text to the product you bought directly from our website or homepage

If you are not registered in any forum, create such an account and continue with point no. 1.