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XIMPLIO - universal towbars for motorhomes, inserts for US vehicles, various adapters and adjustment plates for towbars. Manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of towbars


XIMPLIO is an established manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of towbars, accessories for towbars and bicycle carriers with headquarters in Poland and a site in Germany. The extensive product portfolio includes universal towbars for motor homes, towbars for US cars, various adapters and adjustment plates for towbars as well as bicycle carriers for towbars, rear trunk carriers and other related products.

Production, logistics and quality process

Although XIMPLIO offers a wide range of products, the company does not have a typical in-house production. Instead, the company works with a number of sub-contractors who have appropriate production facilities. XIMPLIO places great emphasis on long-term cooperation and controls the entire production, logistics and quality process to ensure that its products meet the highest standards.

The XIMPLIO portfolio

XIMPLIO offers a wide range of interesting products. These include universal towbars for motorhomes in fixed and detachable versions. They also offer ball adjustment plates for towbars that allow flexible adjustment. For bicycle transport, there are bicycle carriers for the trunk such as the WENDY 2 and the WENDY 3 as well as bicycle carriers for the towbar such as the VENTUS 2, 3 and 4, which allow the transport of two, three or even four bicycles.

XIMPLIO also offers various adapters, including adapters for adjusting the longitudinal position of the towbar ball and adapters for converting the towbar from two to four holes in accordance with European and NATO standards. In addition, mounting plates for winches on off-road vehicles, adapters for attaching auxiliary equipment to QUADs and baskets for game transport are offered.

Throughout its history, XIMPLIO has achieved important milestones and earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier. They have focused on delivering quality products and have worked closely with their partners to ensure that their customers receive the best possible solutions.

XIMPLIO is continuously working to expand its product portfolio and meet current market demands. They take into account trends and innovations in the industry to always offer their customers innovative and high-quality products.

Learn more about XIMPLIO's extensive product portfolio on their website and discover the variety of towbars, accessories and bike carriers to suit your needs.


XIMPLIO sp. z o. o.

  1. Koniawska 11,

PL 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland


+48 733 80 20 40

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