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Adjustable towbars from XIMPLIO - The reinforced version

Adjustable towbars from XIMPLIO - The reinforced version

Are you looking for a towbar for motorhomes ? You are at the right place ! Learn about our new adjustable trailer hitch!

Universal trailer hitch for motorhomes

The adjustable towbars from XIMPLIO are available in various designs and offer a wide range of applications for coachbuilt and A-class motorhomes. The different designs and their special features are explained below:

  • Fixed towbars with swanneck towball (UCAMP-FIX). This popular and cost-effective design is characterised by its slim and compact shape. The swanneck hitchball is permanently mounted and provides a reliable connection. Find out more...
  • Fixed towbars with front-bolted flanged towball (UCAMP-FL90). This towbar has a flanged hitchball that is secured at the front with two M16 bolts and is adjustable in height. It is available in the colours black and silver and is ideal as a base for various extensions such as bike racks, equipment holders, cable winches and more. Find out more...
flanged towbar 4
  • Fixed towbars with front-bolted towball (UCAMP-KH41). This variant is front-mounted with four M12 bolts and can be converted to a detachable towbar using a Varioblock from Westfalia. Find out more...


  • Horizontal detachable towbars with lockable towball from ACS Towbars (UCAMP-ACS-H). This version is suitable for users who only want to use the towbar occasionally and want to remove the hitchball when not in use. The lockable towball offers an elegant and robust solution from one of the largest manufacturers of detachable towbars in Europe. Find out more...
towbar universal horizontally
towbar detachable vertically
  • Vertically detachable towbars with lockable towball from ACS Towbars (UCAMP-ACS-V). This towbar offers an elegant solution as it disappears completely out of sight behind the rear skirt of the vehicle when not in use. The lockable hitchball is easy to handle and offers additional theft protection. Find out more...


Universal towbars from XIMPLIO - Construction

All universal towbars from XIMPLIO have a standardised design. The main crossbar can be rotated 180 degrees to adjust the height of the towball. Swivelling arms inserted into the crossbar can be adjusted to the required width. The side arms are secured against wobbling with special Allen screws and are additionally secured with two M12 screws.

The universal fastenings on the side arms are compatible with various frame extensions such as SAWIKO, UMBRA, ALKO, SMV as well as various frames from ALKO (single and double axle), CSS from Fiat, SLS and others. Additional grid plates can also be easily integrated.

The trailer couplings of the UCAMP product family can be flexibly adjusted in width from 80 to 140 cm and can be used as a base for bicycle carriers with a drawbar load of up to 150 kg. The permissible towing load depends on the so-called D-value and the total weight of the towing vehicle. For a vehicle weighing 3500 kg, a towbar with a D-value of 12.5 kN can pull a trailer weighing up to 2000 kg. The exact towing capacity can be determined using a calculator from Towbars-Online.

Specification of Ximplio towbar
towbar silver or black

Surface finish: black or silver

All adjustable towbars from XIMPLIO are available in two colour variants: black and silver. In the black version, the surface is treated with a special primer and then powder-coated in black. The silver version is hot-dip galvanised and therefore corrosion-free for life. The towball remains black in the galvanised version to emphasise the elegance of the coupling.

In response to popular demand, a new reinforced version of the swanneck hitchball was introduced in spring 2024 - the heavy-duty version of the UCAMP-FIX.

Reinforced towbar for motorhomes - UCAMP-FIX Heavy Duty

The heavy-duty version of the UCAMP-FIX is a reinforced version of the adjustable towbar for motorhomes with a rigid swanneck towball. The design is similar to the other products in the UCAMP product line, but reinforced materials and longer profiles are used for the side arms.

With the heavy-duty version, the coupling can be widened up to 147 cm and can withstand enormous loads. The drawbar load is 178 kg, so that heavy bicycle, motorbike or other load carriers can be transported. With a D-value of 14.6 kN, a 3.5 tonne motorhomes can pull a trailer of up to 2500 kg.

The construction is also available powder-coated or galvanised to meet the requirements of all customers.

Specification of the new Ximplio towbar


The adjustable towbars from XIMPLIO offer motorhome owners a flexible and robust solution that can be adapted to different requirements thanks to the various designs. The heavy-duty version of the UCAMP-FIX, which impresses with its reinforced design and high load capacity, is particularly noteworthy.

With a wide range of customisation options and high-quality materials, these couplings offer a reliable and durable connection for heavy trailers and carriers. The choice between black powder-coated and silver galvanised surfaces provides additional protection and an attractive appearance.

Overall, XIMPLIO towbars are an excellent choice for versatile use in the motorhome sector.


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