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Electrics and Electrical Parts for Towbars

Welcome to the category "Electrics and Electrical Parts for Towbars" at! Here you will find a diverse selection of high-quality electric kits for towbars suitable for motorhomes, vans, flatbeds, and other cars.

Our offer includes both 7-pin and 13-pin electric kits for towbars. You have the choice between universal electrics (more affordable option) that fit various vehicle models, and vehicle-specific electrics specifically designed for a particular model.

Our electric kits are available in various configurations, including:

  • Simple electrics with cable harness (without bypass relay): Ideal for basic trailers without additional functions.
  • Electrics with intelligent control unit, bypass relay, and indicator monitoring: Perfect for trailers with advanced electrical features and safety characteristics.
  • Electrics with extra-long cable harness for motorhomes: Specifically designed to meet the needs of motorhomes and ensure optimal connectivity.
  • Electrics with additional charging line for auxiliary battery in the caravan: Ideal for caravan owners who want to use an additional battery in the trailer.

In addition to the electrical kits, we also offer other electrical parts for retrofitting your towbar. These include:

  • Adapters for 7-pin to 13-pin and vice versa: Flexibility in connecting trailers with different socket types.
  • Mounting brackets for trailer hitch sockets: Convenient brackets to securely and neatly attach the sockets.
  • Breakaway cables for trailer hitches: Important safety components to ensure a safe separation in case of an unforeseen detachment of the trailer.

At, you will find high-quality electric kits and parts for your trailer hitch to travel safely and comfortably. Browse our offer now and equip your towbar with the appropriate electric kit and electrical parts.

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